UPnP Wizard Command Line is an optional utility that installs along with UPnP Wizard.  You can find the command line version named UPnPWizardC.exe in the UPnP Wizard install directory.  You can use the command line version for automated tasks in conjunction with the Windows Task Scheduler such as making sure that a port mapping is always available when Windows starts.

Available Options:

Lists all existing port mappings.
Add a new port mapping. See Below for usage.
Removes the specified port mapping.
Displays this help message.
Displays the about message.


-add <Name for port mapping.> -ip <IP Address> -intport <Internal Port> -extport <External Port> -protocol <TCP/UDP>

-remove <Name of port mapping to remove>


To add a port mapping named "Game" with for the IP of with an internal and external port of 8080 or the TCP protocol use:

UPnPWizardC.exe -add Game -ip -intport 8080 -extport 8080 -protocol TCP

To remove the "Game" port mapping use:

UPnPWizardC.exe -remove Game

To list all the existing port mappings use:

UPnPWizardC.exe -list