Customizing the user viewer options.

Modified on Mon, 30 Dec, 2019 at 11:18 PM

The XL Screen Streamer viewer templates are completely customizable. Follow these steps to remove/modify some of the viewer options:

  1. Open the XL Screen Streamer settings.
  2. Go to the viewer tab.
  3. Check the "Enable custom web template" option.
  4. Press the open template directory button. This will open a file explorer window that shows the template files.
  5. Open the index.html file in any text editor or HTML editor.
  6. Make the necessary changes (see below) and save the file.
  7. Go back to XL Screen Streamer and press Save & Close on the settings dialog.
  8. Test your template by running the server. You should see a log entry saying "Custom template is enabled."

If you are familiar with HTML simply remove the tags that link to the viewers you don't want to display. If you are not familiar with HTML look for and remove this text:

<div class="content_center">
 <p><a href="flexviewer.html">Use Advanced Viewer</a><br/>(Requires Flash Player 9.0+)</p>
 <hr class="divider" />

To remove the advanced viewer option delete this text:

<div class="content_viewer">
<div><img alt="Advanced Viewer" src="xlss_advanced.png" /></div>
<p><a href="flexviewer.html">Use Advanced Viewer</a><br/><small>(Requires Flash Player 9.0+)</small></p>

To remove the basic viewer option delete this text:

<div class="content_viewer">
<div><img alt="Web Viewer" src="xlss_web.png" /></div>
<p><a href="webviewer.html">Use Web Viewer</a></p>

You can also change any of the wording as you see fit.

Refer to the product help manual for more information:

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