To use FTP streaming please follow these steps: (See for reference)

  1. In the FTP settings page, check the Enable FTP Mode box.
  2. Fill in your FTP server information including server address, username, password or private key, port, and target folder.
  3. Press the Test Connection button to verify that XL Screen Streamer can connect to the server.
    -The target folder should be an empty folder on your server that can be viewable from the web.
  4. Press the Create Stream Directory to copy the necessary files over to your FTP server.
  5. Save your settings and return to the main dialog.
  6. Press the down arrow on the Start button and choose Start FTP Mode.
  7. Navigate to your web servers address where you specified the target folder and you should see your desktop stream.

A typical configuration would look something like this:
Server Address:
Username: user
Password: password
Port: 21
Target Folder: /home/user/public_html/streamer (This folder will vary depending on your specific server setup.)

To access that from the web you would go to